I Help People Start And Grow Profitable Online & SAAS Businesses

Are you a consultant, coach, or online course creator struggling to find clients? My name is Haider, and I specialize in helping mission-driven experts like you. Whether you're running a Gohighlevel (GHL) SAAS business or following an agency model, I'm here to assist.

With expertise in creating high-converting sales funnels, driving targeted traffic, and implementing efficient automation, automated onboarding process, I empower you to build and scale your online business for maximum profitability.

I helped more than 500+ businesses with my marketing strategies and achieved exceptional growth & success for them.


Hello, I'm Haider (Automations Guru) .

I'm a passionate digital marketer, entrepreneur and business automations guru. Who also loves learning new skills and exploring new countries.

I believe that a successful business isn't just about profits; it's about enabling you to live your ideal lifestyle, one filled with adventure, cultural richness, and unforgettable experiences.

I've helped over 500+ businesses with Funnel & Strategy. I also started my Youtube Channel to help other freelancer and entrepreneur to learn skills and grow their business.

My goal is to help business owners build successful businesses that let them travel, experience different cultures, and enjoy life.

My Most Important Core Values

Services I Offer

I help business owners to grow their business with marketing automation.

GoHighLevel Saas

Consulting & Implementation

Sales Funnel Design

& Automation

Facebook Strategy Consulting & Implementation

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Sound Familiar?

You’re excited at the idea of launching your business… But anxious about being able to earn enough money on your own and may feel insecure about stepping into being a full time coach and entrepreneur... so it remains a side hustle.


You want a business that you love, doing work you’re great at, that can be online, automated, scale and ultimately provide you with passive streams of income so you can have more free time.. But don’t know where to even start


You know you're awesome at what you do, you're a legit expert, have all the certifications and experience and have even helped people get real results … and you’re still undercharging and undervaluing yourself and your offer (and you know it!).

Or Maybe....

you started off thinking that launching an online business would be easy... But that changed pretty quickly as you became aware of all the tools, steps, information and different ways to build an online business and are now struggling to put it all together, including your sales funnels.

And now you’re left feeling more confused than ever before and frustrated because you aren’t sure what to focus on, who to listen to, are not earning enough money and get instantly overwhelmed at the thought of having to “put yourself out there” every day on social media or doing all the work to get your website, funnels, emails and automations actually up and running …

when all you really want to do is work with your clients and make an impact in their lives. Ya?

The Good News ...

Building an Online Coaching Business Does Not Have To Be So Hard

(Or Confusing or Complicated)

I learned this the hard way but you definitely don't have to. The sooner you realize there are only 3 things you need to focus on and incrementally improve upon every week in order to build a successful and sustainable business as a new coach or consultant the quicker you are going to be able to stop spinning your tires and start hitting consistent $10k Months.

The only 3 things

You must focus on to hit $100k/year

1. Being excellent at what you do and serving your clients well so you can charge premium prices. ($2k+)

2. Creating a good lead generating system that generates consistent prospects and opportunities every day.

3. Learning the art of Social Selling and converting those warm prospects into raving fans and paying clients

(1 client per week at $2k per client is $104,000/year.)

The only 3 things

Hitting $10k/months is not easy.

But it is simple.



Tamra Millikans - SAAS


Joseph Shields

1 On-1 Training

Deadria G. - Agency owner



Gohighlevel Agency Set up


Funnel Designing & Automation


Gohighlevel Agency Set up

Alejandro - Agency Admin

1 on-1 Training

Michael Peluso - SAAS SET UP


Chris Reale - Agency Owner

Designed Custom Websites and Funnels

Chris Sassouni

1 On-1 Training

Shan - Authority Titans

Automation Set-Up

Betsy Barr - SAAS SET UP


Expanded my mind

and built my own investment portfolio

From $0 to first $6k

During a pandemic!

$20,000 Launch

As a Soul Advisor

$62,000 in Sales!

In 6 months

Transformed my relationship

with money and my self

Paid off $16,000 of debt

And then travelled Europe

Paid off $25,000 of debt

and launched a new business

This Course Changed My life


Launched a new business

And has a flood of leads

I had really profound insights

and reshaped my mindset

From in person to online

Yoga Teacher & Coach

Launched my own business

and feel confident to sell my offers

I helped more than 500+ businesses with my marketing strategies and achieved exceptional growth & success for them.

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